How to get High Page Rank Inbound links

Here are a couple extremely easy ways to get high page rank backlinks for your site everytime you post new content. You only have to set this up once and from here on out you can get free backlinks on autopilot. Then I'll demonstrate how Magic Submitter can multiply it by 100.
Of course you may already know Digg is a powerful social networking site but who has time to go there every single time they create a new post. Or what if you run dozens of autoblogs, it might be a real pain to submit every new article everyday wouldn't it?

Navigate to the account settings in Digg and click on on 'Import Feeds'

Add all of the RSS feeds to all of your blogs - you will need to verify that you're the owner but this is actually easy. Digg provides you with a unique code to put in your next blog post in order that it can read it off of your RSS feed. Once you have done that click verify and you are on your way to automatic backlinks.

This process will take about 2-three hours to setup but it's worth it more(a) you'll ever realize. If you want automatic backlinks for your new posts you really need to setup for some serious autobacklinking power.

First create an account on - after you create an account you will see there are about 50 social networking sites that connects to. You can import your RSS feed into and then everytime your blog posts something new will post that connect to every social networking site that you simply setup within.

This is how to double this magic - grab the Feed from every your social networking accounts and submit the Feed.

SEO Software to hurry This Up

Yep, here it comes just like clockwork. I gave you some cool free tips that you can use and now there's always got to be considered a sales pitch right? I wouldn't be an internet marketer if I wasn't trying to create a sale out of it too, but remember, I only recommend products that I use and also have bought myself.

Magic Submitter is definitely an awesome SEO tool that can setup several accounts for your with the push of the mouse. Imagine having a bit of software setup 30 Web 2.0 property accounts and 20 social bookmark submitting accounts without having to do it manually.

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